We work with clients to write:

  1. Business Plans

  2. Project Proposals

  3. Business Reports

  4. Technical Reports

  5. Management Presentations

  6. Grant Applications

  7. Business Consulting Reports

Struggling to write?

We can help!

This is what we can do for you:

  1. Understand your business, your audience, and your goals.

  2. Provide a structure for your business plan or report.

  3. Write several drafts of your business document that rapidly home in on your message and audience.

  4. Collaborate with you in Victoria or on the phone to write your business plan.

  5. Write a business plan or other business document that’s compelling, graphic, easy to read, interesting, and defensible.

  6. Mentor you on how to write a business plan or business document.

  7. Deliver a business plan or business report of magazine quality.

  8. Take care of all the nitty-gritty issues like punctuation, syntax, word usage, parallel structures, etc. - while allowing you to focus on your business issues.