We partner with Padgett Business Services for financial planning

We have a partnership with Padgett Business Services in Victoria to develop financial plans we incorporate into our business plans. If our clients already have on-going relationships with their own financial planners who are prepared to build financial projections, then there may be no need to look for alternatives. Often,

however, accountants aren’t comfortable with financial planning and aren’t equipped to develop financial projections. Padgett has the skills and tools necessary for this role. We recommend clients consider working with Padgett if the need arises.

Financial plans are central to every business plan

Every enterprise - profit making and not-for-profit alike - need to map out a financial plan as a key element of its business plan. It’s vital to:

  1. determine the amount of money that must be raised to launch and sustain the enterprise

  2. satisfy bankers and investors that they will get their money back along with the return they expect

  3. Ensure that they can meet their routine obligations to their employees, contractors, and creditors