Our philosophy of writing is geared to the 21st century

First, I adhere to the standards that educated English speaking authors have adopted for the last few centuries.

Second, writing should be straightforward and easy to read. Avoid long words when short ones will do. Avoid technical language unless it’s absolutely required. Authors of business documents should expect their readers to be busy and impatient. They should never expect the to be technical experts.

Third, authors should allocate at least a quarter of their report space to graphics: logos, diagrams ... anything that will help get their messages across. Words appeal to one hemisphere, graphics appeal to the other.

Fourth, use colour and page design with deliberate thought. Pre-formatted styles are readily available today and should be used to advantage.

Fifth, we should keep our reports short.  The shorter the better. Busy executives are quite likely to throw short reports or proposals into their briefcases to read on a plane; they’ll rarely pick up heavy tomes to study.