Our working relationship is a key part of the service

You’ll provide all the ideas, market research, pictures, etc. for the plan. Entrepreneurs and business people generally know what they want to say ... getting it down on paper is the challenge.

We’ll provide a template - the Universal Business Plan - based on the leading thinking in business planning. We also have models for business proposals and other business writing based on industry best practices. These models will help you and us structure your ideas in a format that is proven to be effective; they also ensure that we cover all the bases.

Your job will be to talk about your ideas, provide the details about your business, and review the interim drafts we produce.

When we’re finished, we’ll send you several bound copies of the final document as well as an electronic version you can keep and modify yourself as circumstances require.

By working as colleagues leveraging our talents, we can move quickly to produce a plan, proposal, or report of unparalleled quality.

Our job is to craft a document that captures your ideas. We’ll go through several iterations of your document until it suits your purposes exactly. Then we’ll add the graphics to reinforce your messages.